Legislative Changes – Bill 141 passed June 13th, 2018
Legislative Changes – Bill 141 passed June 13th, 2018
On December 13th, 2018, the article 1074.2 was added to the Civil Code of Québec and it created, in just a few months, a serious dysfunction in the co-ownership market. In fact, the majority of insurers refuse, from now on, to indemnify the insureds when a claim emanates from their unit. In order to inform all its clients of this new issue, Laucandrique has prepared an important notice that you can find attached. Furthermore, your management firm joined forces with important partners and we invite you to sign the petition to pressure the government into correcting this aberration as quickly as possible. Laucandrique will continue to defend your interests and we thank you for your support with this important matter. Important notice: Click here to read the article.

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